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The quality for Gamma Pack is a prerequisite for maintaining high customer satisfaction.
Since 2003, the company equipped itself for Management Systems certified by accredited bodies, who, through periodic audits, verify the compliance of these systems with the internal regulations and choices. The quality of the finished product is ensured by the control of the whole production process.

Certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008



Gamma Pack has supported by external laboratories for periodic inspections of toxic releases, migration and aging of materials.
Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology used for:

  • Measure the mechanical resistance: with dynamometer test is determined the lengthening and the load at break as well as the coefficient of static and dynamic friction, resistance to delamination, the welding and perforation;
  • Deepen even the smallest details of the structure of the plastic and laminated films through optical microscope with magnification from 25 to 1000 equipped with a camera image for transposition of images to PC;
  • Quantify the residues of solvents on the packaging (always within the range provided by the reference standards) from printing inks, adhesives, through analysis with gas chromatograph.


In order to safeguard the integrity of the finished product, Gamma Pack has implemented a complete system of traceability that allows us to have a dynamic picture of the entire production process necessary to get to the finished product.

A system of lots and sub lots with which we can go back to the raw material and the manufacturing process used for a finished product and vice versa, at any time. This is very useful to have a clear identification of the processes occurred in the realization of the products and respective materials.