Over 40 years of experiencein plastic packaging,now even recyclable

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We shape a brighter future by providing you with the best plastic films for your products: thinner, high performing, recyclable. Our solutions originate from the need to preserve, protect and enhance your products: the goal is to guarantee freshness while preserving their characteristics. Whether it's a food product, a herbal product or a pack of freshly washed sheets, we will take care of it.

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Years of experiencein the plastic industry


Types of packagingto meet all needs


Customers all over the world


Polymers for specific compositions

We enhanceyour product,by preserving their qualityand characteristics

Sustainable,Mono-material,100% Recyclable

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What are you wrapping?

Your products deserve all the care and protection we can offer: this is your chance to preserve their characteristics while respecting the specific shelf life. However, offering you high-performing films is not our sole commitment: thanks to the specialized advice of our staff we are able to support you from the initial analysis to the start-up of your plant.

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