From production todisposal, plasticbecomes sustainable


The world is rapidly evolving. our work, especially in the plastics industry, mutates constantly in its search for better solutions, for the safeguard of our environment and the people inhabiting the planet. We have therefore always worked on our ability to forecast future trends, to better understand how to make a difference, everyday.

However, being sustainable and measuring up with the challenges ahead is not limited to improving the impact of plastics in our everyday life: we have always made an effort to decrease our emissions (thanks to the installation of an after-burner that collects smoke and gases produced by the plastic processing: these byproducts are processed carefully before their emission into the atmosphere, in compliance with the laws and regulations currently in force.


We chose a holistic approach to the topic of sustainability, starting from the physical structure of our company. During the recent renovation of our plant we decided to study a variety of solutions to limit our environmental impact: the roof of the plant is covered for 90% of its surface with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, capable of supplying energy to the production line.

Networksand partnerships

In order to achieve these ambitious results we collaborate directly with our suppliers, with whom we carry out careful tests to develop new materials and new processing techniques.We also established precious collaborations with the institutions, such as the University of Parma: thanks to this partnership we are able to test our materials and conduct laboratory research.

Sustainable,Mono-material,100% Recyclable

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