Catch the eye ofyou customers with a customizedpackaging

Catch the eye of your customers with a customized packaging


Among the customized solutions we can offer, printing is undoubtedly our pride and joy: starting from the graphic design of the packaging and all the way up to the finished printed pack, we can guarantee excellent results. In addition to our highly competent and experienced operators we are fit with state-of-the-art equipment such as our flexographic printing plant, able to print up to 8 colours, which brings out the best details and a great chromatic rendition: the result is a bright, spotless printing (available for limited runs).

Competence, passion and constant improvement lead us to win the Best In Flexo award, promoted by the Italian Flexgraphy Association (ATIF): the Best In Flexo is an important national recognition in the flexographic industry. Among the award-winning features: the contrast and balance of the colours, the softness of the nuances and the special inking technique employed for full-coloured backgrounds.

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